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Zasran is back up!!!

Finally recovered after the Big Disk Crash or 2008/10. After heroic effort (2 hours but took me 4+ months to gather strength!) the site is back up with all content restored (which is pretty much nothing).

Recovery wasn't even that hard, here's a brief howto (not 100% complete, just major steps):

  • Install prerequisites (Ubuntu, probably would work for other debian based distros)
    • apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
    • apt-get install php5-mysql
    • apt-get install php5-gd
  • Mysql (just simple restore of /var/lib/mysql would probably work)
    • Install mysql server
    • Stop mysql server
    • Backup everything in /var/lib/mysql>
    • Restore content of /var/lib/mysql from recorvered disk
    • Start mysql server
    • mysqldump -u root -p drupalDbName > /tmp/drupalDbName_dump.sql
    • Stop mysql server
    • ?
    • Restore /var/lib/mysql from backup you just created
    • Create drupalDbName database
    • Create drupal user (see INSTALL.mysql.txt)
  • Restore drupal directory (e.g. /opt/drupal-version)
  • Restore apache config