Rock on!


Here's embedded info:

Doesn't seem to work that well, maybe I'm doing it wrong :-)

Another upgrade!

Time for another upgrade, we're all secure now :-)

Zasran now powered by shiny new Drupal 6.14

Just did another upgrade of, this time to Drupal 6.14

Seems to be working but need to get new version of audio module.

Also, if you are upgrading Drupal make sure you go to latest version of a major version you are upgrading first, then to the next major version (latest minor version of it) etc. It says so clearly in the upgrade docs but hey who reads those :-) Had to restore my database and upgrade properly (5.0 -> 5.20 -> 6.14).

Zasran is back up!!!

Finally recovered after the Big Disk Crash or 2008/10. After heroic effort (2 hours but took me 4+ months to gather strength!) the site is back up with all content restored (which is pretty much nothing).

Upgraded to drupal 5.0

Yeah! Upgraded to drupal 5.0 and it seems to be working. Amazing.

Videos of Erik & Iva on youtube!

You can see some videos of Erik & Iva dancing and performing acrobatic stunts on youtube

Ero - Stay in C

Mozart! Mozart!

Ero - Jedna druhej riekla

Testing audio module. Beautiful rendition of Jedna druhej riekla.

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